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Quick Information:

Job Title: Mid/Senior Level Full Stack WordPress Developer

About Codeboxr: If you visit our website ( you will get everything to know about us.
Our WordPress Plugins and also we do lots of WordPress projects focusing custom implementation and integrations(Custom application/plugins using WordPress).

How to Apply:

Click “Apply for job” button end of this job description and follow.

Salary: 30k-45k BDT/month(or we can talk)

Open Positions: 02

Must needed Skill Requirements:

  • You are expert in either Theme development or Plugin.
  • If Theme then you know theme dev with/without page builder and good in scss based style skill
  • If Theme then at least basic PHP with minimal OOP PHP
  • If Plugin then as best as you know PHP and expert in OOP PHP
  • If Plugin then you must have experience in developing WordPress Plugins before
  • If Plugin then you must know how to use composer and php packages
  • If Plugin then if you know vue js then it’s a plus

Technical Skill Requirements:

  • Have solid knowledge in OOP PHP, we need WordPress developer who is expert in php.
  • You know how WordPress CMS works and it’s eco system
  • You can create plugin/theme from scratch
  • You can create basic theme with or without page builder
  • You can create WordPress based website using popular page builder like Elementor
  • You know how to use popular plugins and hack them(knowledge of filter and hooks)
  • You know rest Api and have experience using rest api in WordPress ecosystem
  • You have knowledge/expertise in Vue JS(optional but good to have)
  • You know how to use jQuery plugins and code custom jQuery based code
  • You know how to write raw JavaScript without any js framework, basic functions
  • You know how to design relational database
  • You have knowledge in MySQL(must needed)
  • You know how to write basic CSS code and use CSS framework like Twitter Bootstrap
  • You know how to write html5
  • You know git and have experience to use GitHub with team
  • You know how to test code and debug (optional)
  • If you have experience to develop large scale website using WordPress then it’s a plus
  • Develop, Test, Deploy maintain and improve website, plugin and theme
  • Evaluate and identify new technologies for implementation
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving and decision making skills
  • Maintain readable, reusable code with proper commenting

Job Experience Requirements:

  • At least 2 years experience (not more than 2 companies or at least you don’t have early switching tendency) and OK with the offered salary.
  • You can not do freelance or do any other professional work that conflicts with our business
  • Ready to work on any ongoing or new projects just after join
  • You like to come office in time 🙂
  • A good human inside you who likes to think using logic and science
  • You like math, you like to learn new technology
  • You are professional
  • You like to help your team mates
  • You regularly study new things
  • You support no other country but Bangladesh in cricket
  • You know task automation- example: gulp, webpack, laravel mix
  • You can work following project requirement
  • You like to admit your mistake and learn from mistake

Office Time:

9am-6pm(Office can change at it’s own decision using prior notice )
Weekend: Regular Sat, Sun ( office can change it any time giving one month notice)
Due to Covid restrictions and pandemic situation there may be home office and you must have workable work environment setup at home to do home office. Currently we are working on site(that means at office).


Apartment 6H, Dilara Tower Tower, 77 Bir Uttam CR Dutta Road, Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh (Near Hatirpool Eastern plaza), lift button 5(both lift works)

Other benefits:

Free lunch, tea, coffee


Two festival bonus


Two times a year based on your performance

Important Note2:

If your living place is long time distance from our office you have to shift to some nearer place which will be OK for your mental and physical health for daily travel for office.

Important Note3:

You can write anything in your resume that help us to understand you well. We suggest, you put your github repos or such code repo if any. Please write briefly in application form about yourself, skill, education and experience. Send your updated resume in pdf format, put only important things.

If you have anything to suggest us, please email us with same subject.

Important Note5:

PS. For any typo please excuse us and thank you for your patience for reading the copy line by line. If you think our job description has any mistake please help us to correct. We like to accept our mistakes too.

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